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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Secure Safety in Kids Pop Up Tent

Kids Pop Up Tent

If you’re bringing your kids camping then it’s likely necessary to bring multiple tents, after all there’s only so much room in a tent for a whole family. One thing that people are fond of doing is buying the kids their own tent, something small, with a fun design and suited to keep their kids sheltered and safe as well as comfortable. They’re a great way to get the kids more involved in camping and to give them something of their own and foster independence. However a big concern when it comes to bringing kids camping, especially if they’re staying in a separate tent, is safety. With a few precautions and a couple things in mind you can make sure that your kids get the most out of the experience, and are completely safe throughout it as well!

Camping Safety for Kids

The most important thing to do is to explain to the kids some basic outlines for the camping trip. Fires are to be started by adults only, only eat or drink something that adults give you and nothing straight from nature, keep an eye out for wildlife and alert adults if anything possibly harmful is spotted. The other important thing to take into consideration are the proper equipment and preparation. Give the kids a whistle so in case they get lost they can be located. Bring the proper clothing, bug spray, compasses or GPS if you have them, the proper water and food, and other normal precautions that you would take with yourself. If you prepare your kids, and bring the right things, then you’re sure to have a fun and enjoyable experience!

Find the best pop up tens for kids to get the perfect experience!

With safety taken care of the most important thing for you to consider is the fun part! Finding the perfect kids pop up tents can be tough, but there are plenty out there, and our online store has a great selection of them. They come in fun colors, different shapes, sizes, and designs, all of them kid friendly and easy to put up. We’ve got the kids pop up tent for you, so look around our store!

Instructions on How to Put Up a Tent

Setting Up a Tent

Setting up a tent can be tough, though it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Though it will depend on the type of tent that you have, for instance, a larger tent will generally be a bit tougher to put up, with the proper instructions, equipment, and preparation you can have your tent up quickly and your camping experience ready to go. Still, putting the tent up is something people struggle with and many look at it as a drawback of camping, so we’ve put up some instructions on how to do it below.

How to Put Up a Tent – Instructions

Make sure that you have all the parts of the tent in the bag before you leave. Find a spot that provides enough space, is flat enough for you to be comfortable in the tent and for it to be evenly placed. Take the parts out of the bag and organize them into their different purpose (stakes, poles, etc.). Start with the corners, drive the stakes into the ground, make sure that they’re properly placed apart for the tent to be perfectly spaced. Find your tent poles and put the different parts together. They may be coded, or you may have to check the directions that came with your tent. Assembling the tent itself will vary based on the design, but generally you have to run the poles that you have connected through sleeves on the outside of the tent. Then connect the poles to the tent material with clips throughout the tent. If you have a rain fly then make sure that you secure it to the top of the tent. Then you’re basically done!

Camping doesn’t have to be so difficult!
With these general instructions in mind, and with a bit of innovation and thinking you can put together basically any tent. It’s important that you always check the directions that come with the tent as well, as each tent is different and has different parts and requirements for you to put it together.

How to Choose a Pop Up Tent Trailer

Pop Up Tent Trailer

There are many different things that you have to consider when trying to find the perfect tent for your situation. If you’re looking for one that’s more roomy and provides more space, and that also provides you with maximum portability, then a pop up tent trailer may be right for you. It brings the portability of a pop up camper in that you can attach it to the back of your car and bring it anywhere without it taking up a huge amount of space in your trunk or car, and it can also provide you with a comfortable level of shelter while bringing you even closer to nature than a camper. They come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, and there are many different brands which make excellent pop up tent trailers.

How to Choose a Pop Up Tent Trailer

Knowing which tent is right for you is mostly about knowing your situation and what you need it for. The key to getting the right pop up tent trailer is to making sure you know which situations it will be used in, and most importantly, how many people it must house. The maximum amount of people that might possibly be using the tent should be the number that your tent should house when you are looking to purchase. If you are in an area that is very prone to rain then it’s of even more importance that you get a waterproof tent, though this should be a basic requirement, and many tents these days are waterproof. Cotton tents are generally the best, though polyethylene can be high quality as well and are often lighter. Color is entirely subjective, whatever you find the most appealing you should buy!

Be careful and take everything into consideration!
The best advice is to pick out a certain number of tents that you find appealing and that fit your general needs, like size and environment resistance, and the look at the specs of each one and find the one that perfectly suits you. Make sure that you choose carefully! Because once you’re out in the wilderness the decision is definitely final.

Buy the Best Family Tent Online

Family Tent

Purchasing a family tent is an exciting and important thing. They’re often rather pricy, but there’s a reason for that: they provide you with a level of spacing and comfort that smaller tents simply can’t, and overall they improve your camping experience and bring your family together in a great way. There are many different kinds of family tent that you can choose from, they come in different materials, shapes, colors, and designs. How do you know which is the best family tent for you? It all comes down to what you need and what circumstances you will be using your tent in, as well as the size of your family. Our online store has one of the best family tent selections on the web, so you can simply browse around our site and find the perfect tent for you!

Buy the Perfect Family Tent Online

Buying tents online isn’t just about selection, it’s about having access to the proper information so you can know what is best for you. You need to find a site that’s not only got all the tents that you might want, but can inform you of the facts about them and help you choose them out. This is one of the primary focuses of our online store. We work hard to make sure that you can always get the information you need and that you can limit your search to the family tents that best suit you. We’ve got some of the finest family tents available on the internet, and we’ve got a search engine and an organized online store to help you find the one that’s got everything you need.

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We make sure that we put all the information that you’re looking for directly into your hands so choosing the perfect family tent for you is simpler than ever! Read our reviews, look at the different sections of our online store, and refine your search to make sure that the tent you go with is the one that’s just right for you!

Best Materials for Pop Up Shower Tent

Pop Up Shower Tent

There are many things about going camping that people often find unsavory, and these things can contribute in people’s refusal to go camping and miss out on an enjoyable and valuable experience. One of the most important are the matters of privacy and bathing. When you go camping with just a tent you basically have to live in full view of someone else, and you often don’t get to bathe or follow the same levels of hygiene and cleanliness that you do at home. However, there are ways around that, and one of them is the pop up shower tent. If you’re in a campground that allows you to run water into your tent then you can use a pop up shower tent to take a shower, or to have privacy when changing, enhancing the camping experience and bringing more of home into the wild.

Materials for Pop Up Shower Tent

A pop up shower tent can fulfill many different functions and provide you with a wide range of usage, so it’s important that you find one with the proper material to get the most privacy. The toughest material for a pop up changing tent is polyester, this is thick and resistant to outside abrasions and ripping. It’s also advisable sometimes to go with a white pop up tent. If you’re camping someplace hot then in a black or darker colored pop up shower tent the heat can become almost unbearable, but a white one reflects the sunlight and keeps you cooler, while still providing you with the privacy and protection that you’re looking for.

Look around our online store for a great selection of shower tents!

With a pop up shower tent you can in just a few minutes add a whole other dimension to your camping experience and make it that much more comfortable. No more concern about cleanliness or privacy, you can bring the same level of these things from home while enjoying all the pleasures of nature. With our wide selection you can get any kind of shower tent with any material for the usage that you need, so browse around and find the perfect one for you!

5 Fun Games to Play in a 3 Man Pop-Up Tent

3 Man Pop Up Tent

When you have a 3 person pop up tent you’re going with one of the larger options, which provides more room, more comfort,  and ultimately more fun. After a long day of activities, whether that be hunting, campfires, hiking, or anything really, it’s common to simply want to relax in the tent and hang out with the people that’s you’ve gone camping with. People often then find themselves looking for something to do and some way to have fun with their family or friends when camping. There are many fun things that you can do in a 3 man tent, it all comes down to what you’ve brought with you, but with the right things you can have a great time just hanging out in the tent.

Fun Games to Play in 3 Man Pop Up Tents

The first games that come to mind are word games or games that don’t require anything, like twenty questions. Board games are always fun, and they can be played with little exertion, and you can bring all manner of them for a night of fun. If you’ve brought kids with you then something like duck , duck goose can be played, though even in a pop up 3 man tent it might be a little cramped. Charades is fun, and Twister if you have it is a great thing to do in your tent if you have enough room.  Also, nothing beats a simple deck of cards to have a good time with little space.

There are a million ways to have fun in your tent!

There’s no reason to limit yourself to one or two of any of the above. Bring some cards, some board games, and prepare some other ones, so whatever the people you’re with want to do you can be prepared and ready for a ton of fun. In the end there’s no reason that you can’t have a great time, even if it’s raining and your stranded in your tent there are things to do, that’s just one of the joys of camping!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Choose a Pop Up Canopy Tent

Pop Up Canopy Tent

A canopy tent is something tremendously useful in numerous situations. If it involves multiple people, then a canopy tent is great for keeping them sheltered and covered, whether this be from the rain or simply to provide shade for people, the canopy tent is crucial in providing you with the formal and high quality shelter that you need. However, one thing about canopy tents, especially larger ones, is that they can be difficult to put up, requiring multiple people and often a decent amount of work. A pop up canopy tent eliminates the necessity of this. It gets you the canopy coverage that you need with none of the difficulty. There are a few different choices that you have to make to find the right one.

Choose a Pop Up Tent for Canopy Coverage

The most important thing that you have to determine when choosing pop up canopy coverage tents is the amount of space that you need, and subsequently the size of canopy ten that this will require. This is done with simple measurements, find the number of chairs that you need and measure them to discern the amount of coverage needed. Next you need to choose between straight leg or slant leg canopy tents. Though they look the same, there are a few key differences. Slant leg canopy tents are generally considered to be more aesthetic and sleek, but they also have some drawbacks, namely the extension of the legs takes up more space, while the limitation of the canopy itself provides less coverage for this space. Furthermore, straight leg tents are sturdier and more reliable. You can also make the choice between a tent surface that is water resistant or waterproof, the difference being discernible in heavier rains.

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Not only do we offer one of the widest selection of canopy tents of all different kinds, but we also make sure to provide you with the most precise and reliable information, resources, and assistance, to make sure that you get the perfect canopy tent!